For all your surfacing needs


Concrete drives are extremely robust and hardwearing, easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. Ideal for garage floors or garden footpaths through to numerous industrial uses such as forecourts or loading bays and speed ramps.

Buying or building a new shed? then 90% of the time you will require a concrete shed base to place it on. We can excavate and lay shed bases to your exact requirements.

We also use concrete in new drive construction as a base layer for our resin bound aggregate surfaces which is becoming very popular, although tarmac may also be used as a base for this product.

2450355_origConcrete products, generally pre-cast, are available also for most projects in the garden as well as more commercial or industrial projects. Fence posts in concrete can be used for every type of fencing and provide a much sturdier support than timber, as well as not rotting away as timber is inclined to do, saving the cost and trouble of replacing them every few years!

Concrete edgings can be supplied and laid by our expert team as well as advice on which may be most suitable for your needs. Edging stones or edging kerbs come in many different sizes, styles and colours. Enhancing the look of a drive and perfect for creating a new path or patio. As well as creating a visual frame to a driveway, patio or footpath, they also act to strengthen and retain the integrity of the foundations of your new surface. choosing the right concrete edging by colour or style is always going to add character to your property or project.

Also on the market are various concrete bollards, ideal for restricting traffic and parking or creating a pedestrian safe zone.

We also use concrete pavers or slabs in construction of our DDA (Direct Disabled Access) ramps as a large vertical style edging. Our ramps are custom built to make any entrance point to a property or raised area of garden easily accessible to everyone. Accompanied with a sturdy handrail, these ramps can be surfaced with any material from concrete, concrete block paviors, resin bond or tarmacadam.

Nearly everything we do in a driveway, path or patio construction will involve the use of concrete in one form or another, even buying a pre-cast concrete product is only the start as generally this product will require to be laid on concrete as well as being supported by concrete.

There are many concretes of differing size aggregates and strengths, each having its particular uses, from a very strong cement mix with large aggregate with metal reinforcing for industrial and external floors, to a fine grit mix for laying slabs or screeding internal floors, conservatories etc. We can help advise which type and strength would suit your needs whichever project you had in mind!