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Tarmacadam is a popular choice for many applications. Except for air and rail travel, It is what most of us use in the form of roads to travel on every day. Whether you need a tarmacadam railwayIMG_4589 platform, airport runway, highway, road, car park, boat yard, driveway, path, sports ground, play ground, skate park and even the bottom of a sea bound dredging ship. there is a type of tarmacadam surface for your domestic or commercial needs.

Tarmacadam is designed to be a long lasting surface that can withstand most of todays traffic, whether it be aircraft, HGV’s, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and foot traffic. There is one thing that needs to be taken into consideration when tarmacadam is to be applied, that is the specification of what type and how thick. This determines the amount, and weight of traffic the surface can withstand.

All tarmacadam surfaces need a good strong appropriate sub-base. This is probably the most important aspect of any surfacing application. If the sub-base is not up to scratch the surface on top will not last as long as it should. A compacted layer of type 1 limestone, to a depth required for purpose is a must before any application of tarmacadam.

A footpath for example should have at least 50mm of sub-base compacted. And 40-50mm of tarmacadam, consolidated by power roller or plate compactor. We will not bore you with all the specifications for every tarmacadam application. All you need to know is that if you choose Brantal Surfacing to take on the works that need to be done, we will give you all the advice you wish, and we will carry out those works to the highest standards.

  • Recent Work: Tarmacadam
  • This job is on a local industrial estate, originally a concrete surface we excavated and set about completely renewing the drainage gullies,pipework etc. Installed a substantial limestone sub base ready for tarmac. The surface tarmac is an industrial mastic asphalt a very strong and hard wearing material ideal for forecourts and heavy vehicle usage.
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